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Sabtool is an Australian Family Owned & Operated Company based on the Sunshine Coast of Queensland since 1983. 
We are dedicated to smashing the mould when it comes to customer service, backup and support. With a support network for most equipment Australia wide we endeavour to not only give you great value but a support network to match your expectations. 
Our core business in Queensland started with a brand synonymous with automotive - Wynn's and for many years now we have diversified our business into Lubricants with Hi-Tec Oils, Equipment and Consumables. The current owners have owned Sabtool since 2005 and have grown it to service not only it's Queensland backyard  but the whole of Australia for scan tools, workshop equipment and consumables. 
Sabtool has been a Capricorn preferred supplier since 2005 and is recognised by Capricorn as a regular million dollar plus supplier award. This is not to impress you but it shows that by no means are we a small business or fly by nighter and you can trust that we will be here for years to come.
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